Discover the Healing Power of Dennis Adams

A Renowned Healer in Our Time

Dennis Adams is celebrated as one of the foremost spiritual and physical healers today, earning acclaim from leading professionals in health, science, and metaphysics.

Scientifically Proven Healing

Dennis' remarkable ability to heal has been validated in scientific studies. Collaborating with nuclear physicist Elizabeth Rauscher, Ph.D., and esteemed healer Olga Worrall, Ph.D., he demonstrated that the mind can alter matter, as seen in laboratory-controlled experiments with Salmonella bacteria.

Global Reach and Influential Collaborations

Beyond the lab, Dennis has shared his gifts with organizations like the Theosophical Society and the Rebirthing community. He's collaborated with notable figures such as Sondra Ray, Leonard Orr, and Terry Cole Whittaker. His journey has taken him to India and Nepal, where he met with Sai Baba and showcased his healing methods to Lamas.

A Lifetime of Dedication

With over 25 years dedicated to developing transformative techniques, Dennis helps others achieve wholeness and God consciousness. His unique ability to explain life's mysteries in simple, engaging terms, combined with his humor and lightness, makes his teachings accessible and profound.

Inspiring and Empowering

Dennis' dynamic presentations inspire people globally to reclaim their power and embrace their divine potential. His seminars, workshops, and consultations offer practical techniques to understand ourselves and our connection to the universe.

Join the Movement

Dennis Adams offers seminars nationwide, along with special events, lectures, and healing consultations. Advanced students can join fellowship meetings and seminars in various cities. Embrace the opportunity to learn, grow, and heal with one of the world's most revered spiritual healers.

Client Testimonials

"I got everything I asked for. On the physical level, my allergies and sinus problem were completely alleviated. On the emotional level, I was able to complete past relationships, and in a sense, wipe the slate clean. The workshop provided an opportunity for me to experience healing on many levels that might have otherwise taken me lifetimes."

-- Marcy L. 

"The three days I spent in Dennis Adams' workshop were nothing less than miraculous. There are simply no words to express how much better I feel about myself, life, the universe and my place in it. I saw and felt miracles happening to me and around me for the first time in my life. I realized how beautiful, healing and powerful unconditional love can be. Problems, resentments, anxieties and confusion which had plagued me most of my adult life are gone."

-- Vesta R.






“The Other Side”