About Dennis Adams

Dennis is one of the most talked about spiritual and physical healers of our time. His work has received praise from our country's top professionals in the fields of health, science, and metaphysics.
Dennis' ability to heal life essence has been scientifically proven in laboratory controlled conditions with nuclear physicist Elizabeth Rauscher, Ph.D., and world famous healer, Olga Worrall, Ph.D. These experiments, dealing with the alterations of Salmonella bacteria, proved conclusively that matter is mutable and can be changed with the power of the mind.
Outside of the laboratory, Dennis has shared his healing and teaching talents with many organizations including the Theosophical Society and the Rebirthing community. He has worked with Sondra Ray, Leonard Orr, and Terry Cole Whittaker. Dennis has also traveled to India and Nepal where he met with Sai Baba and spent time demonstrating his healing methods to Lamas.
Dennis Adams has devoted more than 25 years of his life towards developing proven techniques that can help others move further into their attainment of wholeness and God consciousness. One of Dennis's greatest gifts to the planet is his ability to explain the mysteries of life in simple, understandable terms. Along with his extraordinary lightness and humor, he demonstrates simple techniques that you can do to understand the workings of yourself and creation.
Dennis' dynamic speaking has inspired people around the world to take their power back and be the beings God intended. To know who we are and to understand how we work is to grasp the meaning of Divinity. This is what we all seek...to understand our place in the universe and commune with our creator. These are a few of the fundamentals that Dennis Adams Seminars workshops can support you in learning. Dennis currently teaches seminars around the country along with offering special events, lectures, and healing consultations. His advanced students fellowship meetings and seminars are held in various cities.

“The Other Side”