DAS Fellowship: This membership includes a monthly teaching with Dennis on zoom, personal access to Dennis and Jess, as well as each zoom class recording sent to your email after every session. The class will be the last Sunday of every month from 10am-1pm. In this class Dennis will cover a various amount of topics from mind/body connection, energy healing, traveling to other dimensions, raising your level of awareness and so much more. One time fee of $1500 with be required to register, and a monthly fee of $196 in order to save your spot. 

Please contact Jess via text or call (530) 953-8282 to enroll.
Client Testimonials
"Many women suffer from the embarrassing and frustrating condition of incontinence and for years I was one of the many. In 1988 I had bladder repair surgery to correct this incontinence, however, in less than one year the problem returned. For the next three years, under medical supervision, I tried several options including medication and a variety of exercises with and without special devices resulting in very minor improvement. According to the doctor, the only option left was a second surgery which had an even lesser chance of success than the first surgery. A second surgery was not an option I was willing to consider! Shortly after this consultation with my doctor I was fortunate to have attended a workshop where Dennis Adams spoke about, among other topics, his healing techniques. Having nothing to lose and everything to gain, I scheduled an appointment with Dennis to see if he could repair my bladder. Did the healing work? Absolutely and from my perspective, it was nothing short of a miracle. Since that healing in 1992, I no longer have a problem with incontinence. I can run, jump, laugh, sneeze, etc. without the fear and embarrassment of "leaking." I have had additional sessions with Dennis and I can't thank him enough for helping me improve in all areas of my life - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual! I highly recommend Dennis to anyone who is interested in growing and improving their life."

- G. C., Sacramento



"As I continue to think back recapping the many wonderful experiences (DAS seminar) we all had together, a warm sense of love flows throughout my body and a smile of peace and contentment emanates...My supervisors and co-workers find it difficult to understand why I am not falling into the old pattern of hustle and bustle, getting up-tight...after a few minutes they begin to 'lighten up', crack a smile and things flow much easier. It is contagious!"

- Jacquie



“The Other Side”